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Weaving networks for another economy, the new chapter of the Terra na mesa series

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Fourth episode of this audiovisual production by La ink. This time, we visited the Enredar cooperative in the city of Río Cuarto, which from the social economy works on the distribution of healthy foods and local productions.

How do we access food? How are they distributed? What’s behind the prices? What place do producers and consumers occupy in the food industry? The economy and marketing are key aspects to rethink the current agri-food model in light of the pandemic. These are some of the questions we address through the experience of the Enredar cooperative in “Weaving networks for another economy”, the fourth episode of the documentary series “Terra na mesa. From global pandemics and local harvests.”

Enredar is a cooperative dedicated to the distribution of healthy foods and local productions through direct trade between producers and consumers. Economist Karina Tomatis travels to learn about this experience in the city of Río Cuarto. There, businesswoman Daniela Jara, along with her colleagues, work every day to support a network that favors the environment, health and the local economy, and that has grown at the pace of the pandemic. But for that, they need to compete with a food system concentrated in a few supermarket chains.

In this new installment of the audiovisual production made by La Ink, we know the important place that the popular, social and solidarity economy occupies in advancing the democratization of the agrifood system. In the context of the consequences generated by the pandemic, researcher Karina Tomatis, from the Faculties of Economic Sciences and Social Sciences at the National University of Córdoba (UNC), analyzes the challenges faced by those who organize themselves to achieve fair trade that favors local production, work and access of the population to healthy food.

“Earth on the table. About global pandemics and local harvests” is a production made in 2021 by La Ink with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation. Throughout this documentary series, women from social organizations and families in the province of Córdoba who are dedicated to producing, distributing or preparing food are visited by researchers from different disciplines in the midst of a pandemic that turns our certainties upside down. A journey from land to table that, over five chapters, retraces the journey of food in search of alternatives to achieve harmony in our relationship with the environment.

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“Earth on the table. Of global pandemics and local cultures” is a production by La Ink with the support of the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation.


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