The fever of the movie Pushpa of the southern superstar Allu Arjun is still in the cricketers. Ravindra Jadeja and Obed McCoy’s IPL 2022 celebration was now seen at the Fairbreak Invitational tournament in Dubai. Here, Nepalese cricketer Sita Rana has celebrated Pushpa-style after taking the wicket. ICC has shared the video of her from her social media account. This video is now going more and more viral.

These days, Nepalese player Sita Rana has been spotted celebrating Pushpa-style twice at the Fair Break tournament in Dubai. In the second match of this tournament, Ella Sita celebrated Pushpa-style after firing Gabby Lewis. Following this, during the Women Tornado and Women Warriors match on Friday, she was seen celebrating Pushpa-style sitting on the sidelines. Her celebration was caught on camera.

The Fairbreak Invitational Tournament is a women’s cricket tournament where experienced players play alongside players from emerging countries. Well known cricketers from Ireland, Nepal and Thailand have the opportunity to play in this competition. This tournament is recognized by ICC. It is being organized in Dubai from May 1 to 15.


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