Washington wants to resume nuclear talks with Tehran

“For us, this is an urgent priority,” US diplomatic spokesman Ned Price told reporters in Washington. “This process cannot continue indefinitely,” he reiterated, refusing to give an ultimatum.

“We urge Iran to return quickly to the negotiating table to try to finish our work,” he said. “Our message to President Raïssi is the same as our message to his predecessor”: “We hope that Iran will now seize the opportunity to find diplomatic solutions,” he added.

The new Iranian president, an ultra-conservative, was sworn in before Parliament on Thursday, claiming to be open to “any diplomatic plan” for the lifting of sanctions that undermine the country’s economy, while warning that Iran would not give in to “pressure and sanctions “. .

US President Joe Biden has said he is ready to return to the 2015 agreement that would purportedly prevent Tehran from acquiring the atomic bomb, which its predecessor Donald Trump had withdrawn from the United States, on the condition that Iran again abide by the restrictions on its nuclear program.

To save this text, Washington will have to lift the sanctions against Iran that were suspended in 2015 but reinstated under the Trump era.

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