Japan: As vaccinations continue around the world, routines are being restored, but experts still warn.

The use of face masks has been mandatory since the onset of the coronary heart disease, researchers say.

Japanese researchers say that not wearing a mask at all when eating or drinking with peers increases the risk of coronavirus infection by almost four times as much as when people abstain from eating together.

The researchers surveyed 753 adults who had not been vaccinated and had received medical help in Tokyo for fever or other symptoms.

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Research has shown that people who go out in groups to eat or drink before symptoms appear and do not wear masks at all, their coronavirus test results are positive and the rate goes out before symptoms appear. It was 3.92 times more common than those who avoided eating and drinking together.

People who go out in groups who take off their masks on certain occasions to eat or drink and wear masks most of the time during this period have a higher rate of infection than those who stay at home to eat and drink in groups. Was no different from those who preferred.



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