Walmart will begin selling its AI-based logistics solutions to third parties

Walmart has announced that it will begin marketing its AI-based logistics solutions to other companies Walmart Commerce Technologies. This includes route optimization. The company’s goal is to improve the efficiency of supply chains.

«We have invested a lot of time, resources and operational knowledge into developing solutions such as route optimization, but this can be a barrier for many companies.“he said in a statement Anshu Bhardwaj, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Walmart Global Tech and Walmart Commerce Technologies. «By adopting our AI-powered technology at scale, companies can eliminate the need and cost of developing their own technology and instead focus on serving their customers.“said the manager.

Route optimization is designed to help companies improve the delivery of products to stores. In this context, technology allows Automate routing, taking into account multiple factors such as time, location and in-store delivery window. Also, allows for more efficient packaging of trailersboth maximizing space and protecting temperature-sensitive items are taken into account.

It also contains the Strategic planning of inventory on return tripsThis ensures that trailers do not run empty and provides operations management teams with valuable information about trailer usage, travel times and distances traveled without a load.

Walmart’s decision to offer this technology to third parties is based on its own success in reducing emissions and improving inventory availability. Thanks to route optimization Walmart has saved 30 million unnecessary milesThis will eliminate 94 million pounds of carbon emissions and 110,000 inefficient trips. These successes helped Walmart win the Franz Edelman Award in 2023.

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This initiative marks Walmart’s second attempt to offer turnkey white label solutions to other companies Store Assistanother SaaS technology that supports local fulfillment operations, including shipping, pickup and delivery.

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