Wallapop: tricks to get the most out of buying and selling cars

The market of used cars has experienced a noticeable rise in prices in the last times. For this reason, now and more than ever, a good search It is essential to find the ideal used vehicle.

wallapop is a platform Spanish founded in 2013 where you can buy or sell all kinds of products and services. And like all this kind of shop windows free on the internet, it is becoming more and more fashionable. So much so that it is also one of the applications where they are most sought after or offered second hand vehicles.

In fact, with data that the platform itself offers, it has more than 260,000 users assets per day, more than 28 million products also viewed by day and more than Seven million of searches daily.

Free Car Ads on Wallapop

Although it is a free platform, especially for individuals, you can also find dealers or professional buying and selling They pay to advertise their vehicles.

In the first case, if it is about offering a vehicle, as an individual and for free can only be announce two cars. From there you must subscribe to one of the plans Wallapop PRO Cars. There are several of them, the first allows you to publish up to five vehicles for 39.99 euros per month. But, and especially aimed at dealers with more volume, another one is offered that allows up to 15 cars per 89.99 euros per month.

Founded in 2013, this Spanish APP has millions of daily searches.

With these plans You can add a cover photo, in addition to the profile one. You can also enter additional information about the business: phone number, business address, hours, Web address or the description of the activity that is carried out. For this reason, these plans are aimed, above all, at professionals.

Featured Ads

There is also another possibility when offering the car in a private way: highlight the ad above the others. For that there are several alternatives. And they depend well on time that you want to advertise, or the zone where you want to view.

In the first case, you can choose between seven, 15 or 30 days. Feature car ad will cost €9.99 for seven days if only in the advertiser’s district; 11.99 if it is in the city or 24.99 euros if it is in the whole country. If you opt for 30 days, the national price reaches 54.99 euros.

For insert a good ad, It is advisable to follow certain tips, valid for any portal where a used vehicle is advertised.

Buy a vehicle

To buy a vehicle in Wallapop, something that differentiates this platform from other similar ones is that its members value each other whether they sell or buy items, including cars.

Therefore, in addition to the vehicle features that are sought coincide with the preferences, it is necessary to set also in the ratings and the stars What does that seller have?

wallapop cars

It may be someone who upload your product, In this case, your car, for the first time and do not have any valuation. In this case, it will be necessary to trust and take added precautions, since no deposit or deposit should be made without first contacting the seller, for which these tips can also be used.

There is the option of mark as favorite the ad that can match the preferences that are needed, which is very useful to follow up or proceed to a second filtering between them later.

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