Home Business Vueling is one of the top 10 fastest growing airline brands

Vueling is one of the top 10 fastest growing airline brands

Vueling is one of the top 10 fastest growing airline brands

Iberia is the leader in the aviation sector in Spain and maintains its 27th place in the world ranking of the most valuable airline brands in the world. With an increase of 16% Vueling Accordingly, it is the ninth airline brand whose brand value is increasing the most, at up to 588 million euros Airlines 50 2024 report from brand financing, the leading independent brand valuation consultancy. The American deltamaintains its hegemony as the most valuable brand in the sector with a value of 10,000 million euros, 17% more than the 2023 value.

Brand Finance analyzes more than 6,000 of the world’s largest brands annually and publishes more than 100 reports evaluating brands across all industries and countries. The 50 strongest and most valuable airline brands in the world are included in the annual Brand Finance Airlines 50 2024 ranking. In addition, the same report jointly presented the Airports 25 classification, which includes the 25 most valuable airports in the world.

Pilar Alonso Ulloa, Managing Director Iberia (Spain, Portugal) and South America commented: “With a focus on continuously improving customer experience and ESG, Spanish airlines have increased the value of their brands by the end of 2023.” In the aviation sector, sustainability drives 6.5% of customers’ brand considerations at the time of purchase.”

Iberia (Brand value increases by 0.4% to EUR 998 million) is the most valuable airline brand in Spain for the eleventh year in a row and remains in 27th place in the ranking. In 2023, Iberia stood out for its strategic expansion, the modernization of its fleet and the continuous improvement of the customer experience, thereby reaffirming its position as one of the most important international airlines. According to Brand Finance’s annual market study, consumers primarily perceive the brand’s accessibility and popularity, ease of use and excellent customer service. Brand awareness, familiarity and consideration have remained stable, with a slight decline in reputation.

Vueling (Brand value increases by 16% to 588 million euros) is one of the top 10 airlines with the highest brand value growth in the international industry ranking and improves in the ranking by five places to number 40. The study by Brand Finance The market emphasizes easy contact with Brand and the good price-performance ratio for consumers. In 2023, Vueling experienced remarkable growth and strengthening as a leading brand in the aviation industry. The company stood out for its strategic expansion by adding new routes to key international destinations and consolidating its position in the global market, such as: B. Direct flights from Barcelona to popular destinations such as New York, Tokyo and Cape Town, opening up new opportunities for travelers and strengthening the airline’s position in the international market.

In addition, Vueling demonstrated a strong commitment to innovation by introducing new products and services designed to improve customer experiences, as well as initiatives to promote sustainability and reduce environmental impact. I increased its sustainability efforts by implementing measures to reduce carbon footprint and promote greener travel practices such as adopting more fuel-efficient aircraft and launching carbon offset programs for passengers who want to reduce the environmental impact of their flights.

British Airways, Jet2.com And Emirates They are among the top 3 in brand value growth. These companies experienced impressive double-digit increases in their brand value in 2024, reflecting their commitment to excellence, customer satisfaction and strategic brand management in the increasingly competitive global aviation industry. British Airways And Jet2.com recorded the largest increases in brand value with an increase of 41% to EUR 3.0 billion and 30% to EUR 886 billion. Compared, Emirates With an increase of 25%, it was the third largest company with the highest growth in brand value.

In addition to calculating brand equity, Brand Finance also determines the relative strength of brands using a balanced scorecard of metrics that evaluate marketing investments, brand equity and business performance (business results). Brand Finance’s ISO 20671 certified stakeholder value assessment includes original market research data from more than 150,000 respondents across 41 countries and 31 sectors.

The market research we conduct helps us determine the strength of a brand compared to its competitors. We analyze marketing investments, brand equity and financial results. These factors are crucial because the marketing investments must have a specific impact on brand value and be a tool to generate sales.

ANA remains the world’s strongest airline brand, while Indigo and Emirates rank second and third.

The strongest airline brands in the world are ANA (brand value decreased by 17% to 1.9 billion euros), followed by indigo (Brand value increased by 22% to up to EUR 982 million) and Emirates (Brand value increases by 25% to EUR 6.2 billion). ANA retains its top spot with a brand strength rating of AAA-, while Indigo and Emirates rose from sixteenth and twelfth positions respectively a year earlier. Both from the Spanish brands Iberia as Vueling They score solidly on brand strength: 73.02/100 for Iberia, whose brand strength is down 2.28% this year, and 72.87/100 for Vueling, whose brand strength is increasing by 4.58%.

The three most valuable airline brands in the world are American: Delta, American Airlines and United Airlines. Delta has reached cruising heights as the world’s most valuable airline brand for the sixth consecutive year.

The American brand delta (whose brand value increased by 17% to 10.0 billion euros) maintained its top position as the world’s most valuable airline brand for the sixth year in a row. Likewise other American brands, American Airlines (Increase in brand value by 17% to EUR 9.6 billion), United Airlines (Increase in brand value by 8%, up to EUR 8.1 billion) and Southwest Airlines (Increase in brand value by 11% to 5.0 billion euros) maintained their positions 2, 3 and 5. Completing the top 5 most valuable airlines in the world, Emiratesfrom the United Arab Emirates (increase in brand value by 25% to 6.2 billion euros), defended its title as the fourth most valuable airline in the world.

Savio D’Souza, Valuation Director at Brand Financecommented: “At a time when the sky is the limit, American airlines have not only taken off, but are reaching new heights in brand equity, leaving an indelible mark of resilience and innovation in the post-pandemic skies.” Meanwhile, British Airways, Jet2 are flying. com and Emirates not only, they are defying the winds of change with double-digit growth in brand value.”

Delta receives the highest sustainability perception score at $672 million.

Brand Finance also uses its Global Brand Equity Monitor (GBEM) study to develop a Sustainability Perceptions Index that determines the role of sustainability in brand consideration across sectors. In the aviation industry, sustainability is key to 6.5% of customer interests. Brand Finance’s perception data also reveals which brands global consumers perceive as most committed to sustainability.

The Sustainability Perception Index 2024 shows that in the aviation sector delta has the highest perceived sustainability score at $672 million*, although Delta’s perceived sustainability scores were below the airline industry average across all ESG dimensions.

Madrid – Barajas and El Prat de Barcelona are the most valuable Spanish airport brands in the Airports 25 2024 ranking

Madrid Barajas (brand value increased by 17% to EUR 166 million) has implemented significant improvements in operational efficiency, including optimizing security processes and modernizing baggage handling facilities. It also focused on expanding its commercial and restaurant areas to improve the passenger experience. On the other hand, El Prat of Barcelona (brand value increases by 35% to EUR 120 million) focused on promoting its satellite terminal, offering first-class services and expanding its capacity to handle a greater number of international flights. Both airports also continued to invest in sustainability initiatives such as adopting cleaner technologies and reducing energy consumption to reduce their impact on the environment. These measures cemented the position of Madrid Barajas and Barcelona’s El Prat as leading airports in Europe and premier destinations for travelers.

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