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Volkswagen Golf PHEV starts October with an overwhelming discount


A model that has the best features of the entire market

In volkswagen They are not exactly great lovers of great offers, but this time with Golf PHEV. In fact, one of the characteristics is that, beyond setting the price of the vast majority of its models above the average of generalists, not betting on large discounts.

And it is also that those who want one of their Models They already know that they have to pay a little more than they would for a general model, among other things also because they will receive a model with a quality that is also higher than the vast majority of generalists. Something that has surprised.

The interior of the Volkswagen GOLF impresses
Volkswagen Golf PHEV and its attention-grabbing interior

The version of the Volkswagen Golf PHEV brings with it a plug-in hybrid engine

That does not mean that according to which versions of according to which models, Volkswagen opts for very interesting promotions. A good example of this is the current offer of the German brand put on the table for which for many it is one of the most interesting versions of its Golf.

And it is that, as we can see in some exclusive pages, it is the version that comes with a plug-in hybrid engine of this Golf that can now boast of having a discount of more than 10,000 euros. Thanks to this discount you can boast of having a high starting price.

Its relationship with quality and price is perfect for the clients of the German brand

Taking into account that we are dealing with a Golf, and that it comes with a 204-horsepower plug-in hybrid engine with more than 50 km in fully electric mode, it is clear that it is a model with an excellent quality and price ratio that nobody you will want to be without it.

The manufacturer knows that this version is not going to be the best-selling Golf, among other things because the share of PHEVs is much lower, but they also know that, with offers like this, it is very likely that registrations of this version will increase by noticeably in the coming months.

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