Vodafone launches its own product marketplace for its customers

vodafone wants to continue offering a unique digital experience that meets all the needs of its customers. For this reason, the operator has launched a Marketplace that will be available before the summer of 2023. It thus becomes the first operator in the Spanish market to launch a Marketplace of products For your customers.

Based on the continuous and frequent relationship with customers, the main novelty that this new Vodafone space brings is that he will be able to anticipate their needs, discovering and recommending new products that they might be interested in. It will offer a worry-free, easy and fluid experience, thanks to the seamless integration of the new items into the current interface of the My Vodafone App, where customers will be able to view, compare and purchase thousands of products from more than 100 vendors. These are being carefully selected by a team of experts and all follow the quality and social responsibility criteria pursued by Vodafone. Currently, the operator continues to receive requests from new vendors to continue expanding the available offer.

E-commerce continues to grow unstoppably and, specifically, the growth rate of business marketplaces, since in 2021 67% of online sales came from a Marketplace. Vodafone has not been immune to this trend, given that Through its Mi Vodafone App, one in three terminal renewals is already carried outbeing able to choose between smartphones, tablets, smartwatch, etc.

Vendors participating in the project will have the support of a dedicated Vodafone team that will accompany you during the different phasesboth when entering the initiative and on a day-to-day basis within the Marketplace, in addition to recommending commercial levers that allow them to increase the visibility of their products and improve their results month after month.

Together with its partners Mirakl, the world leader in Marketplace software, and Adyen, the global financial technology platform chosen by leading companies; Vodafone has enriched the product offer through new categories such as Home, Security, Health, Urban Mobility, Sports and Toys products; and it has expanded the offer of electronic products already existing in the operator’s online store.

One of the great advantages that the Vodafone Marketplace provides for sellers is the frequent relationship that its customers have with the operator through the online store and the My Vodafone App, which generates a Large potential audience for sellers.

TOOur customers currently trust us when purchasing a multitude of electronic devices, thanks to the services we offer (payment in installments, mobile insurance, after-sales service…). With this new Marketplace we will be able to adapt to your needs and offer a wider variety of products, which can be purchased through a secure and reliable payment gateway.

Hisham Hendi, director of the Individual Unit of Vodafone Spain.

For his part, Sophie Marchessou, Executive Vice President, Customer Success at Miraklhas declared: “By launching its new Marketplace, powered by our technology, Vodafone Spain is consolidating its position as a pioneer in digital commerce in the telco sector and offers its customers a complete experience thanks to its new and extensive range of products, which now they can find it quickly and efficiently.”

App My Vodafone, the channel that will integrate the Vodafone Marketplace

The My Vodafone App has become the main point of sale for Vodafone in recent years. Serving as the main axis of the effort to digitize the attention and service it provides to its customers, the App Mi Vodafone accumulated last year more than 120 million visits. In addition, since January, a QR code has been included in the invoice from which they can download the App to have all the information at hand.

It is the mobile application in the telco sector most valued by users, so the adhesion of this new Marketplace will be one more element to continue consolidating that position within the sector.

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