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Vodafone joins Disney in a new smartwatch for kids

Having a product that keeps parents and children in contact is essential. And if until recently a mobile phone was the most common solution, smart watches are an increasingly competent alternative and always “at hand”.

Aware of this, Vodafone Portugal has partnered with Disney Portugal to launch a new smartwatch for children: the Neo Smart Kids Watch. This promises to adapt “to the needs of parents and children, guaranteeing the possibility of always being connected to each other.”

Vodafone Smartwatch allows children to keep in touch with their parents through calls and SMS


Disney helps with custom backgrounds

This Neo is assumed to be the second device in the Smart Tech family of intelligent products. It was designed by Vodafone in collaboration with the design studio fuseproject.

The smartwatch does not have access to the Internet. However, it allows the most important thing: making calls and sending text messages and emojis. These communications can be made between a trusted network of contacts managed by the Vodafone Smart application.

It’s waterproof, IP68 certified, and has a built-in camera for occasional shots. Equipped with GPS, it will allow parents to see the location, in real time, through the aforementioned application network.

The collaboration with Disney Portugal offers various customizations. Disney, Pixel, Marvel and Star Wars characters will be available on screen, with their sound effects. Another important detail is the built-in calculator.

The new Vodafone Neo Smart Kids Watch is now available to any Vodafone mobile customer, with a starting price of € 169.90. In addition, there is a monthly subscription of € 5 per month (or € 49.90 per year), with the offer of the first month. This is the subscription that activates the Vodafone Smart SIM (built into the watch), and guarantees the connection to the Vodafone network.

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