Virtual influencers, TikTok’s next target

TikTok doesn’t want to be left behind in the race for artificial intelligence (AI). The social network is exploring the development of a new feature based on AI will allow advertisers to create virtual influencers to star in their promotional videos, as the trade publication The Information revealed.

Specifically, TikTok would continue to develop Non-human based avatars to promote and sell various items or services to users, although “everything is in the experimental phase” at the moment. Tests so far have concluded that this technology is not yet ready for general access and that the people who invented it are driving fewer operations than popular people, that is, they have generated less revenue than influential users.

In any case, TikTok expects it will be useful to complement its current community of human content creators and sees these virtual creators as a good addition to attract brand budgets.

These AI avatars could be customized by brands, they would have the ability to read commercial scripts designed by companies and provide audiences with calls to action to purchase. According to the information, these characters would work in the general version of the social network and in the TikTok store. It is unknown whether they will be able to redirect potential buyers to websites outside the platform.

Additionally, the ability to create customized AI influencers would allow advertisers to improve their market segmentation and tailor their communications to specific business needs. Continuous, large-scale content production would be guaranteed and companies would have greater control over the image, behavior and communication of their users. Although this feature is new to TikTok, Douyinthe version of the app in China, implemented it successfully For some time.

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In this context, it is worth noting that the introduction of virtual influencers could cause a stir, as there are concerns that some brands prefer to work with these avatars rather than real influencers, which could change the landscape of influencer marketing.

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