Vinted, the largest international platform in Europe to buy and sell second-hand fashion and lifestyle items between individuals, has just activated two new product categories for its users: ‘Entertainment’ and ‘Pets’. With this movement, the company, which already has more than 50 million members (more than 4 million of them are from Spain), intends to increase opportunities for sustainable habits among its users by extending its product catalog to elements focused on the Lifestyle.

With the launch of the new and expanded categories, Vinted members will have more opportunities to express their personal style and interests, beyond just apparel and home furnishings. In this way, the Vinted community will have more opportunities to list, sell and buy second-hand items, making it the first choice in their daily lives.

The Entertainment category, which expands and improves the existing subcategories, has been created specifically to offer members the possibility of making space in their home and extending the life of those products that they no longer use related to the enjoyment of free time. From musical articles to series and movies, through books, games, consoles, video games, etc.

For example, gaming fans will have an easier time finding brands with as much fandom as PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch or even a ‘Retrogaming’ subcategory, with opportunities for the more nostalgic. The games category allows members to explore endless options, with subcategories like ‘Tile Games’, ‘Puzzles’, ‘Board Games’, ‘Skill Games’, ‘Board Games’ and more. Literature lovers will be able to spend a good time searching for their favorite book from genres such as classic literature, comics and graphic novels, contemporary novels, poetry, science fiction…

Vinted, the perfect option to extend the second hand to pet care

The upward trend in the presence of pets in Spanish homes has been observed for the last 10 years. According to ANFAAC (National Association of Pet Food Manufacturers), in Spain there are more than 29 million pets, which means that Spanish families have members as special as 9.3 million dogs; 5.8 million cats, 7.8 million fish; 5 million birds; 1.4 million reptiles and 1.5 million small mammals.

With this panorama, the Spanish find a large number of articles referring to pets that can be sold or acquired to take advantage of their durability and have a more responsible behavior. In addition, for adults this is a great opportunity to instill sustainable values ​​and customs among the little ones.

In this new category of ‘Pets’, Vinted allows you to list or search articles divided by type of animal (dogs, cats, rodents, fish, birds, reptiles…), with subcategories that contain products that are so popular with pet owners such as clothing and accessories, collars, leashes, bowls, feeders, hygiene products, beds, carriers, cages or training accessories for the most skilled.


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