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Vinicius, sad and

Vinicius, sad and

Vinícius Junior was never seen as affected as this Monday morning in the sports city of Valdebebas. Overtaken by the latest racist incident. The ninth of the season. It provoked his immediate reaction in Mestalla against the aggressor, his harsh phrases in networks asking for immediate changes in the legislation. Hours later, after digesting everything, they point to EFE that it is “sad” and “overcome.”

At 22 years old, Vinícius is experiencing situations that are difficult for an adult to digest. At the focus of the conflict in each Real Madrid match away from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium on Spanish soil, each of his reactions to a tackle, a referee’s decision, a verbal provocation from a rival or an insult from the stands, unleashes storms such as the who lived in Mestalla.

Incredulous of the fact that after denouncing the racist insults and pointing out the culprits in the stands, he ended up being expelled for his blow to Hugo Duro, unpunished after several seconds dragging Vinícius by the neck to separate him from a tangana unleashed for wanting to recover the fast ball before a waste of time from an opponent.

He feels that everything is exaggerated with him. That they look for him and the barrier of what is allowed by the arbitration body is transferred.

Vinícius, sources close to the player point to EFE, is “very concerned” about the drift that events have taken.

This season the events that came to a head when a painted doll with his shirt appeared hanging from a bridge in Madrid hours after the derby against Atlético de Madrid have been hardening. The Brazilian does not understand how hate chants that took place at the gates of the Metropolitan were archived by justice.

He understands that the racist is not punished as it should be.

On Monday I did not have to train with the group. He was waiting for recovery work. Since he set foot in the sports city, he has received the love of club employees, all his teammates and members of the coaching staff headed by Carlo Ancelotti.

The Italian coach had never carried out such a radical defense as the one shown in the Mestalla press room and the player is grateful for it.

The Brazilian’s environment expected a firm step also from the club and It came with the announcement of the complaint before the Prosecutor’s Office. The president himself, Florentino Pérez, explained it to him in person, who assured him that they will go to the last resort so that the guilty are punished and with harsh penalties it is possible to curb the wave of racism that is suffering.

Vinícius already knows every step that Real Madrid is going to take off the pitch to find immediate solutions.

Real Madrid denies that everything that Vinícius is suffering in Spanish football causes a desire to leave the club and go play in a league like the English one. In Brazil it is pointed out that his environment has put it on the table.

At the club they rule him out outright, with an agreement closed with the player that will be announced before he goes on vacation.

Pending the sanction, what is certain is that Vinícius will not be against Rayo Vallecano on Wednesday and could also miss the visit to Sevilla before closing the season against Athletic. Everything is expected to be in one game and the player is already working on his physical recovery.

The mood will take a few days, they point out from the locker room, that they see the young player overcome by events.

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