The Brazilian star has not missed his opportunity to collect a pending account in a space open to the media

It is not necessary to pull too much to be able to analyze that part of the spectacular moment that Real Madrid is experiencing is due to the excellent form of the Brazilian forward Vinicius Junior. The same as in the era Zinedine Zidane It was only part of the replacement and it has gone from less to more once they have given him the opportunity to play and be happy on the pitch.

Through an interview he has just said that he is happy in his new stage, and that there is something that has made him improve his performance and it has been the confidence of the coaching staff. Although he does not ignore the other people who have gone through his development, he believes that Carlo Ancelotti He has been the one who has believed the most in his football and today the results can be seen.

goal Betis
Vinicius has raised his level and with it has improved his options in the team

Zidane was never a supporter of Vinicius, which is why he currently dedicates his success to all his detractors

You may be shocked, but the coaches are very stubborn. In the case of Vinicius, his ineffectiveness hampered him, that is evident. But now that the situation has changed, everything seems to return to its cause. The Brazilian player has declared to be in a plethora of moments and does not want to lower his arms.

Less when they have asked him about his decision to sign merengue and not culé. Given this, he has said that it is true when they link him with FC Barcelona, ​​that happened, what is not clear are the details. He decided on Real Madrid because he always liked the team, and because he was also a supporter of Cristiano Ronaldo. In fact, he remembers with joy that he was signed on the day of Barça’s comeback over PSG 6-1 in a Champions League.

Its renewal is still pending

The worst moments are over, Real Madrid has already fixed him and that seems to be a guarantee pledge, but without neglecting that his file remains the same since he was 16 years old. Although he does not show interest in talking much about it, he has left the message open and it seems now is the time to improve it.

There is no risk of kidnapping due to the level of its clause, but it is true that in the current times and with the financial competition that prevails, anything can happen. Matter to be resolved by Florentino Pérez, who is directly in charge of addressing and resolving these management issues.


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