Vinicius Jr. fights against racism in Spain

Lula began his important intervention at the G7 meeting with solidarity with the Brazilian player Vinicius Jr., victim of racism in the match between his team, Real Madrid, and Valencia.

It was not the first time that Vinicius Jr. was attacked with shouts of “monkey” from the fans of Spanish teams from all regions of the country and even from other countries. Once a doll with the body of Vini was hung from a viaduct by a fan, without any reaction or punishment from those responsible.

They are cases around Vini Jr. because he becomes the best player in the world. The image of him as a highly successful young black man sharpens the image of him as a victim of these acts of racism. But of the ten complaints of racism against Vini Jr., only two have resulted in the identification and punishment of the criminals.

This time the reaction was again slow and late from the Spanish football entities and from his own team, Real Madrid. Little by little, players, coaches, personalities, were expressing their rejection and solidarity with Vini Jr., even the movement so that he no longer plays in Spain.

Anyone who goes to soccer fields everywhere knows that this type of discrimination, especially against blacks, is almost “spontaneous”, to the point of becoming natural.

It is a cowardly reaction, from those who know that the only way to feel superior to a black player from a superior team is to treat him as black, as an inferior race, which was enslaved to produce wealth for them.

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The triumph of Brazil in the soccer world championships of 1958, 1962 and 1970, commanded by the black Pele, was the most important phenomenon -from this point of view- in the entire history of soccer. Pelé and several of his teammates have shown that they can outplay the whites.

Some of the best athletes in the world are black, because of their physical structure, because of their technical ability. The only way to try to reduce them to something inferior is to call them “monkeys”, treat them as an inferior race. Meanwhile, the Christ of the Corcovado (Redeemer) is turned off in solidarity with Vini.

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