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Vingegaard’s xth exhibition, new director of Tirreno-Adriatico

Vingegaard's xth exhibition, new director of Tirreno-Adriatico

From exhibition to exhibition. And I shoot because it’s my turn. But with all due respect to a fantastic career as O Gran Camiño, this time the concert arrived in Tirreno-Adriatico, Historic test involving the 18 World Tour teams and some of the best riders in the world. Does not matter. The result is the same for Jonas Vingegaard, which has caused nothing but destruction so far this season. As he had done three times in the Galicia round, the Dane (27 years old) attacked with 29 km to go, on the last climb of the route, and won single-handedly by a large margin. With two days to go, the overall ranking is very much on track. This is Vingegaard’s law, inexorable. The best of all mortals was Juan Ayuso, who came second, identical position that it generally takes. Of course it’s no longer a sigh, but 54 seconds that he gives up with Vingegaard. All is not lost, but with the Dane at such a level it’s hard to believe…

With three exits involving the expected sprint and an almost inconsequential 10km time trial, what we’ve seen so far at the Race of the Two Seas could be classed as poor in terms of spectacle. But this Friday, the fifth stage announced the moment of truth, the moment of the favorites. Short route, 144 km, but attractive enough to offer a nice battle. The scenario should be like this a priori San Giacomo, a port of almost 12 km at 6.2% on average this would lead to the Valle Castellana destination once the descent had been overcome.

And from the starting flag there was no break. It took its toll, but after several attempts a group formed. Short vacation for ten runners with an enormous level: De Marchi, Vendrame, Ganna, Clarke, Howson, Bonifazio, Davy, Asgreen and Cort Nielsen and, representing Spain, Cortina. With Movistar and Asgreen less than a minute behind then leader Milan, the peloton always kept them at a safe distance, knowing full well that they could pose a threat. However, the demand was so great that… Castellalto, the first goalscorer, lost contact with the blue jersey with your favorite group. And it was a farewell, not to return.

So one thing was clear: the lead would change at the end of the stage. After the breakaways were neutralized by San Giacomo in the first part, first place practically went back to Ayuso. But since there are still about 5 km of climbing ahead of us, Vingegaard wanted to put things in their place. Deadly attack without looking back, causing no reaction. It was impossible. Perhaps only the best Pogacar could keep up with the Dane after such a change of pace. Vingegaard crowned the victory with a lead of almost a minute over the chasing group, but without that advantage it could have been much more Isaac del Toro, who made a spectacular climb, It proved to be a lifeline for Ayuso and the others to minimize losses.

And then came the descent, with a technical, wet and tricky road… It didn’t matter. If the Dane has shown anything in recent years, it’s his The downhill ability is almost on par with the climbing ability. Master everything. And to everyone. Perfectly coupled and unleashed while pedaling, he continued to increase his lead over the kilometers of uphill false flats to the finish line. In the sprint of the chasing group, which also included O’Connor, Arensman and Uijtdebroeks, Ayuso gritted his teeth until the last meter to overcome a great Hindley.

“It doesn’t surprise me at all, we’re used to it. We all knew it was going to happen, but no one could do anything about it. After Vingegaard, Del Toro was the strongest today. I thank him,” Ayuso explained, somewhat resigned to the new leader’s superiority. “We always had the plan to try it out today. The team did incredibly well. The plan was implemented perfectly and I am very happy to be able to pass it on to the boys. “I didn’t know it was International Women’s Day, but I dedicated this victory to my wife for all the support she gives me,” concluded Vingegaard, who achieved his record-breaking victory in Tirreno best start to a season ever (he had never won five times before April). The “tyrant” adds and continues.

Tirreno-Adriatico results


1. Jonas Vingegaard (Visma) – 3 hours 28:27

2 Juan Ayuso (UAE Team) – at 1:12

3. Jai Hindley (Bora) – mt

4. Ben O’Connor (AG2R) – 1:14

5. Thymen Arensman (Ineos) – mt


1. Jonas Vingegaard (Visma) – 18h 34:45

2 Juan Ayuso (UAE team) – with 54

3. Jai Hindley (Bora) – 1:20

4. Thymen Arensman (Ineos) – 1:29

5. Ben O’Connor (AG2R) – 1:32

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