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Villarreal CF includes a surprise condition for Tottenham in the agreement for Danjuma

Villarreal CF includes a surprise condition for Tottenham in the agreement for Danjuma

The Dutch footballer had it all done with Everton, but in a last-minute move the London team managed to get his services on loan

One of the great soap operas of the winter market has starred Danjuma with his departure from Villarreal CF. The yellow submarine opened the exit door for him, as happened last summer, and several Premier League clubs asked about his situation. But what nobody expected is that his fate would be decided when he already had everything arranged with an important English club.

After the interest of several teams, Everton had everything done to get the Dutchman. But in a last-minute move, Tottenham has taken over his services, stealing an agreement that was already closed. an agreement for Danjuma that he Villarreal CF He has been able to take advantage of it to include a special condition to get the services of a player.

Emerson Royal could end up at Villarreal CF as part of the deal for the Dutchman

The condition of Villarreal CF in the agreement for Danjuma

To stop the footballer’s departure to Everton and materialize his transfer to Tottenham, which does not have a mandatory purchase option at the end of the season, the yellow submarine has included a preferential option for a footballer. A footballer who this season is not being one of Conte’s fixtures and who could return to Spanish football.

This player is none other than Emerson Royal, who since leaving Betis has not found his place. This year he has only played 58% of the minutes in the Premier League and everything indicates that his situation will worsen. And it is that Tottenham is negotiating to take over the services of Pedro Porro, who will be the next starting right-back.

Emerson Royal, back on the exit ramp

Knowing that with the arrival of the Spaniard his opportunities will be even more reduced, the Brazilian footballer does not view a change of scenery with bad eyes. The Santander League is his favorite destination, as he has already demonstrated his quality in Spain on countless occasions. And the Villarreal CF He is one of the best placed to get his services.

This yes, for it the group groguet needs that the exit of Foyth takes place, the one who follows interesting to the FC Barcelona. If it does not occur, closing an agreement close to 20 million euros for Emerson Royal will be impossible. Be that as it may, Villarreal CF has a preferential option for the footballer, which has been included in the agreement for Danjuma, which had to leave something in the coffers of the yellow team.

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