VIDEO: Woman cries as she reunites with her “Michi” after building fire in Valencia

You don’t cry, we all cry! In the Campanar building where a tragic fire broke out a week ago Ten people were killed, and the Valencia municipal fire department and local police found a live cat. The pet, known as “Coco,” was brought to its owner in a carrier, a neighbor of the building, who welcomed the cat with tears of joy and emotion. Still in disbelief at her pet’s reunion and survival, she didn’t stop hugging him.

The local police and fire department shared the good news on social mediawhich revealed that Coco sought refuge on the 11th floor of the damaged building, two floors above its owner’s home. It was discovered by agents carrying out work to recover belongings and documents.

The cat was in the niche of the drying column, a facility designed exclusively for use by firefighters in high-rise buildings. Rescuers, who had entered the building hoping to recover valuables for other residents, stumbled upon Coco by following the owners’ construction plan. Local police and fire department They also looked for the owner of a macaw, which they found alive in the same building.

Although local police sources They were unable to accurately count the animals in the affected buildingVarious witness accounts suggest there could be dozens. Alternativea Felina, an animal rights organization, estimated the loss of 84 pets, However, the city council disputed this figure because there was no official balance sheet. Animal shelters have received calls from people reporting the loss of dogs, cats, birds, hamsters and even a turtle.

Given this situation Some private veterinary clinics offered their animal care services free of charge affected by fire. The city council also made municipal animal shelters available to victims to protect their pets during shelter.

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