Video: People sitting to get their hair done suddenly got a shock

It is said that the accident can happen anytime anywhere, one such heartbreaking video has gone viral on social media.

This video is of a hair cutting salon, when people sitting in the shop to get their hair cut suddenly broke out, the incident was saved in the CCTV camera installed in the shop.

We all know that car accidents happen on the roads and streets, and we are careful while passing by, but who would think that people sitting in a barber shop can also be a victim of a car accident, of course. The location can be a very unexpected place for such an accident.

In the footage, five people can be seen inside a salon, two sitting on chairs getting their hair done, while one person sits on a bench waiting for their turn.

Suddenly there was some unusual commotion and the people inside the shop were startled, but the situation changed so fast that they could not properly protect themselves.

The man sitting on the bench got up quickly because he had seen an out of control car coming towards the shop, at that moment a white Rink car drove in and seriously injured the man.

Other people were also injured in the accident, all of whom were in shock at the time of the accident.

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