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Video: Joe and Jill Biden dispense family Christmas dinner and send greetings to Americans

Joe Biden and his wife Jill recorded a video in which they speak to the Americans, to show their support in this moment of health crisis, when many gave up on the holiday season with their families.

“We know that many of you have had a very difficult year. Many Americans struggle to find work, put food on the table, pay rent or pay loans”, recalled the elected president, who will officially take office on January 20. The future first lady, in turn, wanted to direct her support to those who have lost loved ones since the beginning of the health crisis.

“Many families face their first Christmas after losing a loved one. Joe and I know this pain”, she said, referring to the family dramas experienced by Joe Biden. More than 329,000 people have died of Covid-19 in the United States since the pandemic began.


Biden’s spouses also thanked hospital staff and scientists, before explaining that they themselves had followed the instructions of health officials, renouncing the usual Christmas celebrations. “At the Biden house, we usually have between 20 and 25 people for Christmas dinner, but not this year. We will miss our family, but this is what we need to do to protect each other”, said Joe Biden.

Earlier this week, the 78-year-old elected president was vaccinated live in front of television cameras to set an example for Americans.

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