Video: How glasses were made from empty chip wrappers?

Pune: In the Indian city of Pune, the world’s first fountain was made from empty chip wrappers.

According to the Indian media, for the first time in the world glasses have been made by recycling the empty wrappers of chips, a start-up company in the Indian city of Pune has done this unique work.

“These are the world’s first recycled sunglasses” made from discarded chip packets, claims Anish Milpani, owner of a startup company called Ashaya.

Anish Milpani announced the creation of innovative recycled sunglasses on Twitter on Thursday, sharing a video showing what his company does, and sunglasses made from multi-layered plastic (MLP). How the whole process behind the making is done.

“This was the hardest work of my life, now I am introducing India’s first recycled glasses made from chip packets,” Malpani wrote in his post.

He said that not only chips packets are recycled, but all kinds of things are recycled, which are considered impossible to recycle, including chocolate wrappers, milk cartons and other types of packets. He said that multi-layered plastic is considered impossible to recycle and the recycling rate is zero per cent worldwide, 80 per cent of flexible plastic ends up in the oceans, which is dangerous.

About recycling plastic to make glasses, Anish said that his company has found a way to extract material from multi-membrane plastic and convert it into high-quality products and materials to make glasses.

About the sunglasses of Brand Without, he said that these sunglasses will be the most durable sunglasses, they are very useful because they absorb the sun rays, are durable, flexible and comfortable.

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