Video: Heartbreaking accident on Hungarian highway caused by sudden dust storm

BUDAPEST: A dust storm on a highway in Hungary left people terrified, as the sudden storm led to a heartbreaking accident.

According to the details, a horrifying footage of the Hungarian highway has been revealed, in which 42 vehicles are seen piled up. One person was killed and 39 people, including 10 children, were injured.

The weather in Budapest took a sudden turn and life was disrupted with strong winds blowing sand, dust and mud, and a dust storm on the M1 motorway had made the road so obscured that visibility was reduced to zero.

The dust storm had scared people, prompting warnings from authorities to exercise caution.

The incident took place on March 11. Five lorries and 37 cars collided in the horrific collision. According to local media reports, the 44-year-old man who was found dead in the wreckage was found the next morning after the accident. .

Among the 39 injured, 10 children were included, while 19 vehicles were so badly damaged that they could not be repaired, two people sustained life-threatening injuries, while another 12 were in critical condition. is going

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