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Victory and lead before the 500

Victory and lead before the 500

A pilot like Álex Palou cannot be left even a loophole because in addition to his talent, he has instinct. Winner and to fight the races. and at the exit took advantage of the weakness of Rosenqvist and Lundgaard to put yourself first before completing a lap. Nothing better than facing a race like this with a 46% chance of rain.

The Catalan stepped up, with better rhythm as he has shown all weekend. She squeezed the soft one like no one else, she endured the hard cold weather and I don’t hesitate to take advantage of her wheels in temperature to continue advancing. And to continue increasing the difference. Neither the Dane with the surprising Rahal, nor O’Ward with the McLaren were able to follow the Ganassi 10. 11 seconds to go and a last stretch of the race to manage consumption and wheels. And so came the first win of the year ahead of O’Ward and Lungdaard and the rise of the Spaniard to the lead.

May is when Indy takes on a global dimension and when it’s time, Palou is. It’s May, next is the 500 Miles. And Palou has been out hunting this month. And she wants the biggest. At the moment, he is the best in Indy. They say that the mythical test of the oval chooses its winner. Palou has shown credentials before, and there he has stayed a breath away, what separated him from Castroneves. And nothing better than leading one of the three most important motorsport races from above.

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