The Vice President of the Dominican Republic, Raquel Peña, participated yesterday in the 1st Meeting of Opportunities in the Reconstruction of Puerto Rico, an event held at the Miramar Convention Center in San Juan.

The Governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro Pierluisi, received the Vice President and the delegation that accompanied her in the fortress, where the Secretary of State of Puerto Rico Omar Marrero was present, as well as the Secretary of Development and Commerce Manuel Cidre.

In the activity, the Secretary of State, Omar Marrero, explained to the Dominican businessmen the fiscal situation of Puerto Rico and the tax concessions offered to foreign companies, within the framework of the program.

He also presented what the project to raise Puerto Rico will be like and the new advances for the reconstruction of the island.

The delegation that accompanied Vice President Raquel Peña was made up of the Minister of Public Works and Communications, Deligne Asención Burgos, the Minister of Energy and Mines Antonio Almonte, Mrs. María Eugenia del Castillo, special envoy of the Vice Presidency of the Republic, Honorable Opinio Díaz, Dominican Consul in San Juan Puerto Rico and Ambassador Miguel Cabral.

At the end of her agenda, the Vice President paid a visit to the headquarters of the Dominican Consulate in San Juan, where she met with consular officials on the island.

Visit to the Dominican consulate.

"We came on instructions from President Luis Abinader, our government is committed to helping rebuild Puerto Rico, we want side by side to help rebuild this beautiful island that is an important part of us, as a neighboring town, we came to give that accolade and accompany the people of Puerto Rico is rebuilt that is why the Minister of Public Works and Communications and the Minister of Mines and Electricity came with us" said.

He stated that Puerto Rico can count on all the help that the Dominican government can offer.

Regarding the Dominicans who live in Borinquen, the Vice President added that the Quisqueyan government feels very proud and recognizes their efforts.

"Take advantage of all the opportunities that this country offers you, and Consul Opinio Díaz offers us a report on the projects for the benefit of the Dominican diaspora in Puerto Rico, to the young people who continue studying because where there is a Dominican we know that we are well represented by your"he added.

He reported that the government has created a series of specific programs and projects for all Dominicans living abroad, such as housing plans throughout the national territory and the national health insurance (Senasa), so that they are covered when they travel to the Dominican Republic. Dominican, regardless of whether they have their medical plan in Puerto Rico.


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