Home Sports Verstappen prepares Red Bull’s cheap excuses for Monaco: unbearable pressure

Verstappen prepares Red Bull’s cheap excuses for Monaco: unbearable pressure

The Dutch Formula 1 driver faces one of his biggest challenges in the 2023 season with the arrival at the next Grand Prix

After an unprecedented start to the 2023 campaign, max verstappen admits that he hopes that the weekend of Monaco Grand Prix more complicated for Red Bull compared to the early rounds of the season. The Milton Keynes-based team is off to a phenomenal start, winning all five races so far and establishing a significant lead in the Constructors’ Championship.

Despite the impressive performance, the RB19 of Red Bull has had some challenges this year. He was overtaken on pole position in Baku by Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari. Although he has won in every other battle for pole position in 2023, Red Bull’s lead in qualifying has evidently been less than in the races.

Verstappen prepares for the Monaco prize

Verstappen expecting a great race in Monaco

With Monaco as the circuit where classification has a fundamental role Due to the difficulty of overtaking, Verstappen suggests that the competition will be tighter this time. “I think it’s going to be a little more difficult and tighter,” he said. Despite the challenges, Verstappen is confident in the performance of his car, saying: “We still have a good car, we’re just trying to get the most out of it.”

When asked who he expects to be his biggest competitor, Verstappen mentioned Ferrari, especially Charles Leclerc, and Aston Martin as possible strong rivals. Mercedes, for its part, has started the 2023 campaign in an unfavorable position, presenting its first significant update of the year in Monaco. However, Verstappen is cautious about Mercedes’ prospects for the weekend due to a number of changes to the car. “It’s really hard to say”, he comments on the possible placement of Mercedes in the competition.

Formula 1 prepares for an exciting Monaco Grand Prix

Verstappen’s statements imply that the Monaco Grand Prix could be one of the most exciting and competitive of the season. The rivalry between Red Bull and Ferrari, along with the question of how Mercedes can improve its performance with the new updates. That is why they promise a race full of emotions.

For Verstappen and his teammate, Sergio Perez, this Grand Prix represents a challenge. They also find an opportunity to demonstrate their team’s ability under pressure. As the race weekend approaches, Formula 1 fans are eager to see how the battle will unfold on the streets of Monaco.

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