Venkatesh Prasad’s statement came in Miandad’s ‘Go to Hell’ comment, retaliated as well

Former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad made an objectionable comment on Sunday amid the ongoing dispute between the Indian and Pakistani cricket boards over the hosting of the Asia Cup 2023. He used words like ‘Bhad me jaayen woh ‘ at the BCCI booth in opposition to hosting the Asian Cup in Pakistan. Now on this comment by Miandad, former Indian bowler Venkatesh Prasad has responded by tweeting.

Sharing this Miandad related news, Venkatesh Prasad has simply written that, ‘But he refuses to go to hell.’

Significantly, it was decided that Pakistan would host the Asia Cup 2023, but in October last year, BCCI Secretary Jai Shah made it clear that the Indian team would not tour Pakistan. Following this, a controversy broke out regarding the holding of the Asia Cup 2023. Even at the recent Asian Cricket Council meeting held in Bahrain, nothing special has been done about it. While Pakistan desperately wants to host the 2023 Asia Cup, BCCI says that they will not be able to send the Indian team to Pakistan in the current situation. The situation in this matter may be clarified next month. By the way, after the BCCI booth, it is believed that the Asian Cup can be moved to the United Arab Emirates.

Speaking to a Pakistani news channel during an event, when Miandad was asked a question about the Indian team not coming to Pakistan, he clearly said that if the Indian team doesn’t come to Pakistan then go to hell Pakistan. affair. Miandad had said: ‘I’ve been saying before too that if they (the Indian team) don’t come, go to hell, we don’t care. We are receiving our cricket. This is the job of the ICC. If this cannot be controlled by the ICC, then there is no job for such a governing body.

Miyadand also gave a made up reason for the Indian team not coming to Pakistan during this period. He said, ‘Why don’t the Indian team play here because they get in trouble when they lose here? So is the public in India. It’s always been his way, every time he loses, it becomes a problem. For the same reason, he also did not come here during our time. Every time India loses, whether they lose to us or someone else, the public sets houses on fire. We remember when we used to play, there were so many problems with their players.

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