Venezuela: opposition opens the candidacy of primary elections

Caracas (BLAZETRENDS).- The Venezuelan opposition gathered in the Unitary Platform opened on Monday the process of nominating candidates for the primary elections scheduled for October 22, from which the candidate who will face Chavismo in the presidential elections of 2024.

“Today the application period begins. Last week we developed an information day with the pre-candidates”, said, during an interview with the local radio station Éxitos, the president of the National Commission of Primaries (CNP), Jesús María Casal, without offering data on the number of registered so far. , if there were any.

The CNP will accept applications, which must be presented in person by the pre-candidates, until June 23, after having postponed the start of this phase, initially scheduled for May 24.

Opposition figures will participate in the primary elections

Although the names of those who will formalize their candidacies are not yet known, leaders such as former governor Henrique Capriles and former deputy María Corina Machado have already formalized their aspirations in the preliminary registration that began in May.

Casal reported that the CNP will request a meeting today before the National Electoral Council (CNE), which they hope to hold this week, to seal the request for technical assistance in voting, an issue criticized by some anti-Chavismo sectors that accuse the electoral body of favor the government.

Machado and other leaders reject the intervention of the CNE in the primaries because they believe that this endangers the secrecy of voters’ identity, an aspect that, Casal assured, will be resolved in the cooperation agreement.

“A point has been reached at which there is protection of the voter’s identity, despite the fact that the fingerprint scanner is used, this would only have the function of avoiding identity theft, but it would not be used to store data, to preserve data or raise lists of opponents,” he said.

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