Venezuela is “consolidating itself as a dictatorship,” said Omar Paganini

Embed – TELENOCHE. Omar Paganini said that a “dictatorial practice” was being consolidated in Venezuela.

After Uruguay joined other countries in signing a statement criticizing a lack of transparency and restrictions on opposition candidacies given Venezuela’s electoral process, the Chancellor said Omar Paganini He said that “the worst forecasts have been confirmed.”

“We are issuing a statement saying we are very concerned about what is happening in the electoral process in Venezuela.” The Caribbean country not only prevented the nomination of María Corina Machado from the Democratic Unity Platform of Venezuela, but now also used administrative means to deny Corina Yoris, who had been chosen as her successor.

“They have allowed the registration of some candidates who the Venezuelan regime obviously has no concerns about obtaining a stream of votes, but not those who pose a risk,” said Paganini, who added “The Venezuelan electoral process has been completely distorted and Venezuela is consolidating itself as a dictatorship that is moving away from any possible democratic practice.”

When asked whether the Uruguayan government would recognize the results of the elections in Venezuela, the Chancellor pointed out that “it has yet to become apparent at this point, but the situation is very distorted.” According to the Foreign Minister, “a dictatorial practice is being consolidated” under the government of Nicolás Maduro.

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