Vázquez (PP) accuses the PSOE of “selling” Spain “in pieces”, now with the Catalan “quota”



The Secretary General of the Popular Party in Castile and León, Francisco Vázquez, today accused the Socialists of “selling the country in pieces”, leaving Pedro Sánchez seven votes ahead of the Catalan independents in La Moncloa, and warned that the alleged “Catalans”. “A quota” would end the current funding system.

Vázquez reiterates that it was already known that the Catalan independence movement wants to end the structures of the state, but adds that there is now the amnesty law and there is talk of a referendum, to which he adds the proposal of President Pere Aragonés. of a “Catalan contingent”, similar to the Basque, which would “terminate” the current financing system of the autonomous communities enshrined in the 1987 constitution.

In this sense, it says that it is the citizens who pay taxes and not the territories, which is why it emphasizes that Castilla y León is in favor of financing to continue providing quality public services.

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