Home Sports Vaughters’ harsh response to Armstrong: “You chose to lie”

Vaughters’ harsh response to Armstrong: “You chose to lie”

Vaughters' harsh response to Armstrong: "You chose to lie"

Jonathan Vaughters’ criticism of Thibaut Pinot in the Giro d’Italia has led to revive the tense relationship between the current manager of EF Education Easypost and his former US Postal partner Lance Armstrongwho did not hesitate to label Vaughters as a “fucking clown” in the controversy that arose with Pinot.

An Armstrong who did not stop there in his criticism, since he criticized Vaughters assuring that he left his teammates abandoned: “This is the same Vaughters who did the same thing to his entire generation, throwing his runners under the bus and got off the hook?”

A Vaughters who, finally, exploded against Armstrong with a very harsh response in which he did not hesitate to remind the Texan of his involvement in doping schemes: “1. Not all runners of our generation doped. 2. All witnesses to the USADA investigation were volunteers. USADA has no interrogation power. These riders wanted a better trail for the next generation. 3. You were offered to “tell the truth to keep the Tour de France titles.” You could be in sports today. You chose to lie.”

The argument didn’t end there, as Armstrong charged at Vaughters again. “This story is revisionist and you know it. Remind us, how long were you serving? So remind us, how much did your runners serve, whom you threw under the bus?” The Giro d’Italia has once again brought to light the quarrels between Armstrong and Vaughters in an absolutely irreconcilable relationship.

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