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Valencia defends Mestalla

Valencia defends Mestalla

The generalization of Carlo Ancelotti in it flash interview and in the press room, his accusations that “a whole stadium llama monkey still player and nothing happens”, “I have never seen a entire stadium do Racist insults” or “here a stadium has gone crazy”, is what caused the reaction of protest of Valencia and the request of rectification to the technician Italian. Valencia at no time justifies the racist insults that the Brazilian heard and that the referee reflected in the minutes. In fact, the first thing he did club was cast a statement denouncing themAlthough Ancelotti publicly called all his fans racist and hence the response of the Valencia corporate director, Javier Solis.

He Valencia repudiates the insults that Vinicius receives either any other footballer for his race. Valencia, in this sense, remembers that it is the team only of the League that has been retired of a field of play as a result of the Diakhaby’s complaint for an alleged racist slur of Juan Cala in a Cádiz-Valencia, a fact that could not be proved after opening investigation. But Valencia’s position in support of its player was firm.

Two fans have already been identified

He black and white clubor, regarding what happened this Sunday in Mestalla, issued a release of revulsion as soon as the meeting ended and began a study all pictures of the meeting to identify how many spectators could have insulted the Real Madrid striker with xenophobic expressions or gestures. They have identified twoto which they will denounce and will prevent me from returning to MestallaAnd the investigation is still open. “We will expel all the madmen,” they emphasize from the offices on Avenida Suecia.

He Valencia applauds the firmness of own Vinicius at the time of point still viewer of the Grada Mario Alberto Kempes, which immediately was detained by the police and was expelled of the stadium. As the referee stated in the minutes, “a spectator from the south stands ‘Mario Kempes'” yelled at him “monkey” and that’s why he activate the racism protocol. But where Ancelotti denounced “monkey, monkey” chants from the entire stadium, which really was sung in choral form is “fool, fool”, as collected in the report of the League delegate. Reprehensible, yes; widespread racism, no.

Hence the complaint from Valencia for its global accusationwhich gave the Around the World. In fact, his own ancelottion his Twitter account, was something less forceful then regarding the number of participants in the reprehensible acts: “Today has been a sad day in Mestalla, where a group of fans has shown their worst version. It’s time to stop talking and act forcefully. Racism cannot have a place in football or in society”.

Valencia fights firmly against the ultras

He Valenciain close collaboration with the National Police, has spent years working and fighting by root out the ultras from his stands In fact, it has been one of the priority premises andin the management of Layhoon Chan and also in the of anil murthy. His control measures have not yet managed to eliminate these groups in their entirety, as demonstrated by the spectators identified in that Animation Stand, which is where hate actions against Vinicius are encouraged. In fact, many that They can’t get into the stadium for different reasons and controls, continue mobilizing in the surroundings from the stadium on match days. But Valencia’s effort to put an end to these violent groups is firm and for this reason they do not share the accusation of all Ancelotti’s fans.

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