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Valencia CF wants to take advantage of Atlético’s shock wave with Witsel

From the Che team they could take advantage of what happened with the Belgian player

The Atletico Madrid could give one of the surprises of the market with the arrival of axel witzel. The international midfielder with Belgium He would be very close to signing for the colchoneros in an operation that would take place very soon. This in turn could lead to an unexpected benefit to the Valencia CF.

Let us remember that for Diego Pablo Simeon it was vital to get a new player for the midfield. There, it is intended to occupy the space that will now be left Hector Herreraone of the marked exits and who would set course for the mls. Also, taking into account that the signing of Guido Rodriguez it has become complicated and expensive.

Soler Athletic
The pivot will be the new signing of the colchoneros

Witsel will sign for Atlético de Madrid and this would have an impact on Valencia

In this way, Atlético de Madrid has opted for the signing of Axel Witsel, a footballer who will arrive as a free agent. He has not renewed his relationship with Borussia Dortmund and he was one of the most sought-after ‘low cost’ players in the summer window. He will be one of Kondogbia’s clear competitors.

Precisely Valencia CF could benefit from the operation that Atlético intends to close with Witsel. And it is that once the Belgian can be incorporated in the coming weeks, the Frenchman who one day was part of the Che team, could return to Mestalla. This, because he would lose opportunities with the arrival of the 33-year-old pivot.

Kondogbia could return to Valencia CF

Although a fairly complex scenario is expected, it could happen taking into account that several important exits are coming up for the Ché team. There they would have some room for maneuver economically to be able to hit the market. Of course, it would not be a simple maneuver at all and that requires certain conditions.

We will have to finally wait for what may happen with this operation. For now, the French soccer player could consider leaving him and would ask his agents if his continuity is at risk. For now, Witsel’s name continues to generate a shock wave that would have several consequences.

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