Home Sports Valencia CF scratches key signing in transfer from Wass to Atlético

Valencia CF scratches key signing in transfer from Wass to Atlético

From the che box they have ready an interesting move in the center of the field

The Athletic de Madrid remains firm with its intentions to sign Daniel Wass in an operation that seems quite advanced. And it is that with the departure of Kieran Trippier to the Newcastle, the rojiblanco box has been left with a gap that needs to be filled as soon as possible. This is where the Dane was one of the first to sign up.

Let us remember that although he was a player who could fulfill his functions in the Wanda, did not finish convincing Simeone. Now with his departure the next step is planned and in Valencia CF is the best alternative. Of course, it will not be a simple move at all despite the fact that Denmark is close to finalizing the contract with those of Mestalla.

Athletic Wass
The Danish side could arrive at Atlético

Valencia CF wants Héctor Herrera to start Wass at Atlético

For Atlético de Madrid it is a priority to sign Daniel Wass and for this reason they want to include a footballer in the operation. There the name of Héctor Herrera emerges as a candidate, being a key demarcation for José Bordalás. The coach of the Ché knows that he needs a man in the center of the field and the Mexican would fit perfectly into his plans.

Without a doubt it would be a beneficial exchange, since both squads could take positions in which they are being fragile. At 31, Herrera has no place in the Argentine project and this is reflected in the few minutes he has played. His contract ends in June and therefore the sports management wants to take advantage of his departure.

Bordalás welcomes the exchange

In this way, Daniel Wass could land in the Wanda Metropolitano and in turn, Valencia would find a key signing. Bordalás has been after a player for his midfield for some time and in the middle of the operation on the right back he could find that player.

We will have to wait then for what can happen to the future of both players. For now, the Dane would be on the exit ramp of the Turia capital, where he would arrive for 1 million euros. Although Herrera cannot offer the versatility of Wass, it is a position that needs a change of scene at Mestalla.

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