Valencia and all Spanish football must throw out Peter Lim

The situation of the Valencian team is critical and the entire social mass is turning to be able to throw the leaders out of Mestalla as soon as possible

peter lim is leading to the ruin of a historic club like the Valencia CF. Beyond rivalries and disputes, Spanish soccer as a whole is turning its hearts out to Valencian fans, who continue to face a very difficult battle to win. Because the owner, the Asian tycoon, the person most responsible for all this, rests in his Singapore chair.

A billionaire uncle who doesn’t show his face. That he promises the gold and the Moor to his trainers, to later leave them with their asses in the air. Gattuso was promised signings in January. The Italian went to Singapore to make it happen. Today is February 1, Gattuso is no longer here and Peter Lim has not brought a single signing to Valencia CF.

Valencianism on the warpath to kick out Peter Lim

Peter Lim is killing Valencia CF

A Valencia CF that has scored 20 points in the first round, numbers that could lead to relegation if they don’t improve in the second half of the season. The worst thing is that due to many concentrations of Valencian fans, Peter Lim does not suffer for a moment. Thousands of kilometers from Valencia he lives calmly.

Valencia CF is bleeding to death and Peter Lim doesn’t care. For this reason, if the Valencian fans cannot handle the Asian tycoon alone, Spanish football must mediate. LaLiga cannot allow an asset as important as Valencia CF to die slowly. In fact, the displays of spirit from Atléticos, Beticos, Sevillistas or Madridistas only show one thing: in this war there are no colors.

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Spanish football turns to Valencianism

No matter how rival they are on the pitch, fans of the main clubs in Spain do not want Peter Lim to kill a historic player like Valencia CF. The atmosphere is hot hot. After the departure of Gattuso there was a concentration of fans in front of the club headquarters, asking for explanations.

And the following initiative of the fans could be the assault on the Mestalla box. In this way, the fans of Racing de Santander managed to put an end to the tyranny of a Pernía who is in jail today. It is the example to follow for Valencianism. All of Spain is with you, Valencianists. Peter Lim, out of Valencia CF. peter limgo home.

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