Uruguay expressed grave concern about the ongoing obstacles to registering opposition candidates in Venezuela

The Uruguayan government, along with the governments of Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Paraguay and Peru, expressed “serious concern” about “persistent obstacles to registration in the Bolivarian Republic.” Venezuela of the presidential candidates before the National Electoral Council, less than 24 hours before the expiry of the established deadline”.

“At this point, the majority parties of the Venezuelan opposition – MUD and UNT – were unable to register their candidate, Corina Yoris, as a representative for the next elections. Choose Presidential elections,” the Uruguayan Foreign Ministry explained in a statement.

“This situation, along with the previous disqualifications that were publicly known, raises questions about the integrity and transparency of the entire electoral process,” he added.

“These restrictions hinder progress toward elections that will enable a democratization process in sister Venezuela,” the State Department claims.

The Lacalle Pou government urges “to reconsider the situation so that at the end of the registration period, citizens who meet the requirements enshrined in the Venezuelan Constitution can be duly registered, so that the brother of the Venezuelan people can freely choose his next government.” .

Press release 22-24.pdf

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