Home World United States: Woman driver falls 35 meters on San Francisco beach

United States: Woman driver falls 35 meters on San Francisco beach

A real miracle for this Californian. On Christmas morning, December 25, a driver did dropped 35 meters and survived. For some reason, he got off the road before falling off a cliff “overlooking the beaches” in San Francisco.

Significant resources were mobilized to rescue the driver: “a reconnaissance plane, a ground vehicle and a helicopter” were mobilized, details the regional daily. Extracted from his vehicle, the victim was helicopter in serious condition to a hospital in the region.

(Credit: San Francisco Fire Department/Twitter)

The city firefighters thus rescued the victim trapped in the vehicle that fell on the floor upside down. “The event took place just before 8 am”, said the fire department spokesman, Jonathan Lambert reports that the victim was conscious “despite the violence of the shock”. “She was able to speak with rescuers to tell them their areas of pain and to specify the circumstances of the the accident”, he clarified.

This accident happened at Fort Funston, in the heart of Golden Gate National Park, in the southwest of the Californian City. The cause of the vehicle crash has not yet been determined, said local officials. The SFFD (San Francisco Fire Department) teams believe that “the victim would have fallen asleep while driving” before leaving the road.

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