Brittiny Lopez-Murray, a 31-year-old American teacher, is suspected of having had sex with a former student for two months.

The drama teacher was arrested Monday in Hialeah, Florida. She was indicted for multiple offenses, including “obscene assault and battery”, touching and sexual acts with a child.

She would indeed have had sex, on several occasions, with a 14-year-old former student for two months, according to the report. Miami herald. “She is presumed innocent until proven guilty. We hope that everyone will be patient, not pass judgment quickly and respect family privacy, ”said Landon Ray, his lawyer.

Between the teenager and his teacher, things started in August, when the latter had been married since 2016.

The young man’s sister and father, who had doubts, discovered pictures of the teacher’s breasts and penis on his phone.

Distinguished Beginner Teacher of the Year in 2017

The police report said in their messages, Brittiny Lopez-Murray and her former student detailed “how much they enjoyed their sex.” Asked by investigators, the young man explained that he had received an SMS from his former teacher last August, in which she told him about her feelings. After seeing each other over coffee, they started having regular sex. On several occasions, the teacher would pick up her ex-student after her basketball practice and they had a report in the car.

At the time of her arrest, Brittiny Lopez-Murray remained silent. According to the management of schools in the Miami-Dade district, the young woman had worked for four years at Hialeah high school and has “no disciplinary history”. She even received the “Beginner Teacher of the Year” award in 2017.

“It is unfortunate that despite our best efforts, the actions of some individuals go against the behavior that is expected of them. Following this arrest, the management will begin the procedure for dismissing this person and prevent him from seeking to work in the future in this district ”, one can read in a press release.


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