Luck will have turned very quickly. A man, who had won $ 45,000 in the Michigan lottery, drowned before he could collect his winnings. The winning ticket was still in his wallet at the time of his death.

Gregory Jarvis won this sum on September 13 in a restaurant in Caseville, north of Detroit. He then tried to pocket his winnings, but lacking a social security card, he could not. He had been waiting for a new one ever since. All earnings over $ 600 in the state must in fact be recovered by presenting an identity card and this social security card.

But the 57-year-old has been found dead before. His body was seen by residents near a private beach. After the autopsy, authorities concluded that it was Gregory Jarvis. According to the investigation, he fell into the water, bumping his head near his boat.

It all seemed to be an accident, especially since the winning ticket was still in his wallet. But the police admitted having been worried after learning of the existence of the amount of money at stake.

“He wanted to take this money to go see his sister and his father in North Carolina,” explained to WJRT Dawn Talaski, owner of the restaurant where Gregory Jarvis won. The winnings must now be donated to the relatives of the deceased man.


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