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United Arab Emirates: In which cases will the online classes be taught?

According to Emirates Al-Youm, the Department of Education said in a statement that private school students could be transferred from the traditional method of education to the online educational system in just three cases.

The first is that two students in the class are infected with the coronavirus.

Second, the whole class will be transferred in case only eight cases of corona virus are registered.

The third case is that 24 cases of corona are registered in the school, so the school must be closed under the traditional educational method and all students must be educated online.

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The Department of Education has directed private schools to form teams to deal with Code Nineteen, while schools can be temporarily closed in certain circumstances, in which case online education will be used instead of traditional education.

Notably, the UAE has already formulated a new Corona SOPs policy to kick off the 2012 and 2012 academic session, based on the new SOPs, providing food to students in schools and playgrounds for them. It has been decided to restore.

According to Emirates Al-Youm, groups of ten to sixteen students will be formed, and second and third grade students will be included in groups that do not have the ability to distance themselves from society, to promote social cohesion among students in schools. Shared locations will be specified.

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