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Union asks to eliminate taxes on bonuses

Sindicato pide eliminar impuestos a bonificaciones

The National Confederation of Dominican Workers (CNTD) yesterday asked the Government to include among the measures that it executes to alleviate the economic situation that workers and employees live, eliminate bonus taxes this year.

“If with the application of a zero rate on the importation of 67 products to the basic basket, expansion of subsidies, and the increase in the beneficiaries of the Supérate cards, the bonuses are freed from tax collection, it would be a measure of great help. to millions of Dominicans who work in both the government and the private sector.”

Through a press release, the union organization indicated that, If this measure were applied, it would increase the income of the workers, as well as their ability to purchase goods and services.

“The will shown by the government to expand its social policy as a way of dealing with the situation that affects the population as a result of the pandemic and the war between Ukraine and Russia, is what motivates the CNTD proposal”, explains the president. of CNTD, Jacobo Ramos and added that in this way the authorities would help improve the standard of living of those who need it most at this time.

The labor bonus is an extra amount to the salary that the employee receives according to the annual profits of the company as established in Law 16-92 of the Labor Code.


Article 223 of the Labor Code requires employers to grant a share equivalent to 10% of the company’s annual net profits or benefits, which is called a bonus and is taxed with income tax and Infotep.

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