Uncontrolled trucks and motorists create chaos on public roads

The heavy trucks and motorcycles in Greater Santo Domingo they are the ones that most violate land traffic regulations, “doing their own thing” everywhere.

According to traffic authorities, cargo trucks can only move on avenues that have permission of the National Institute of Traffic and Terrestrial Transport (Intrant), information that they must have pasted on their glass.

In streets and avenues you can see failure to enforce traffic regulationssince the trucks are not stopped due to the lack of this certification in their windows and they continue moving without fear of receiving a sanction.

Trucks and bogs create chaos, when they look for alternative avenues to circulate faster and “throw away plugs” and end up complicating the vehicular flow to other drivers. The drivers allege the need to travel through these roads to reach their destinations faster, violating all the restrictions imposed by the Law, which affects both other drivers and ordinary citizens.

The actions of these reckless drivers they cause multiple problems and cause serious accidents that end with a balance of fatalities, only with the excuse of shortening distances.

The construction materials and other objects loaded by these trucks, in turn, generate conversation topics, since sometimes they spill their contents (sand, gravel and their derivatives) on the roads, because they do not apply security measures, leaving in its path materials that hinder traffic and endanger those who circulate through the place.

all these Violations occur under the eyes of the agents stationed in different parts of the city and that belong to the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transport (Digesett). These “play the wrong ones” and continue their day without penalizing those responsible.

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Oh parents!
Getting on elevated roads, sidewalks and even going the opposite way are among the many “caricature feats” of these individuals called motorists or delivery men by their profession.

Oh, I am a father of a family! This is the cry of those who are caught in their faults when they are going to be audited, even to safeguard their own lives. Those who travel through the streets in motors, as a way of getting around, do not escape suffering the consequences of the recklessness of their drivers.

Sometimes you can see the fear on their faces, due to the way those who carry the guide in their hands drive in a hurry to reach their destinations.

This includes those members of law enforcement institutions, who also break the laws, on the Malecon in Santo Domingo. Listín Diario was able to visualize two agents belonging to the Central Directorate of Tourism Police (Politur) moving on the sidewalks of the sector.

And along the same lines, a soldier from the Armed Forces on his private motorcycle was going through one of the tunnels in the Capital, through which motors should not pass.

Not having the corresponding license plate on their helmets, the lack of protection, transporting more than two people in the seats, skipping red lights, and other actions that jeopardize the safety of those who are also traveling on the street.

The ones on foot
Pedestrians also add to the disorder in the streets, because they cross the street with a green light, they get on public transport in the wrong places, they cross the streets instead of the pedestrian bridges.

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