Uncertainty with Tom Brady

Tom Brady continues to defoliate the daisy. The 45-year-old quarterback is already on vacation after ending his 23rd NFL season last week, when his Tampa Bay Buccaneers fell heavily to the Dallas Cowboys. Thus opened a period already experienced in recent years, in which the Californian must decide between retiring or continuing for another year. And the truth is that not even Brady himself knows what he will do.

In the podcast that the quarterback shares with former player Larry Fitzgerald and with commentator Jim Gray, Brady was asked about his future and gave a more than forceful answer. “Jim, if I knew what the f*** I was going to do, I would have f***ed already done it. Voucher? I go day by day”Brady responded, giving the impression that he still doesn’t want to talk about it.

If he’s still in the NFL, everything indicates that the Californian will not play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, where he has spent the last three seasons. After the playoff loss, Brady dedicated a few words at a press conference that sounded like a farewell to the Florida franchise. But whether the seven-time Super Bowl winner will have the energy to face what would be his 24th season in the league remains anyone’s guess. Meanwhile, the entire NFL awaits the decision of the greatest player of all time.

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