Ukraine war: Putin orders increase in Russian reserve army

Moscow: Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that the country’s army will be put on partial alert, under which the total strength of the army will be increased to 2.04 million.

According to details, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced to sign a decree to partially prepare the army from Wednesday to increase the number of forces in Ukraine.

A foreign news agency According to the report President Putin made the announcement in a televised address on Wednesday, saying the readiness order is for civilians in the army reserve and other units.

He added that the purpose of the military operation in Ukraine is to liberate Donbass, the eastern region of Ukraine.

It should be noted that after entering the seventh month of Russia’s war against Ukraine, which began with military intervention on February 24 this year, President Vladimir Putin announced in Moscow that Russia would increase the total number of its armed forces. .

The current total strength of Moscow’s armed forces is 1.9 million, and President Putin has said that this number will be increased by about 150,000 to 2.04 million.

In response to the announcement of the Russian head of state, the western world is now asking the question, where will these 140,000 new Russian soldiers come from? And the second is whether there will be any significant increase in Russia’s combat capability in Ukraine after this increase.

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