Ukraine reveals use of schools as cantonments

Russia’s Defense Ministry has accused the Ukrainian military of using schools as bases.

According to foreign media, a statement issued by the Russian Defense Ministry said that the Ukrainian army was using at least three schools in its occupied territories in Kyiv as cantonments.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s statement came as Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky claimed on Sunday that 60 civilians who had taken refuge in a school in the village of Bluhar Yuka, on the outskirts of the capital Kyiv, had been killed in the Russian attack.

Meanwhile, the Defense Ministry said on Tuesday that about 9,000 Ukrainians had been evacuated from the war-torn Donbass region to Russia, and that 1.2 million Ukrainians had been evacuated to Russia since the Russian military operation.

The Russian Defense Ministry also said that Ukrainian troops had attacked six civilian vehicles on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, conflicting reports are circulating about the number of civilian casualties in the war in Ukraine.

Official figures confirm the deaths of nearly 4,000 civilians, but without mentioning the United Nations, it says thousands of civilians have been killed in the war in Ukraine.

According to the report, the Russian air force bombed and destroyed 74 Ukrainian military targets, including two command centers and two weapons depots.

On the other hand, the Belarussian government has announced an increase in its forces near the Ukrainian border, aimed at countering the provocative actions of the West and NATO.

It should be noted that as an ally of Russia, although Belarus is not involved in the ongoing military operation in Ukraine, it has allowed Russian troops to pass through its territory.

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