Ukraine reports further advances on Bakhmut flanks


“Bakhmut Zone. The (Ukrainian) Armed Forces continue their forward movement on the flanks, the enemy loses positions near Bakhmut,” Sirsy wrote on her Telegram account.

The Ukrainian military had already announced on Tuesday that the Ukrainian forces continued to “destroy the enemy” on that part of the front, where the most intense fighting on the entire line of contact has been recorded for months.

“The Armed Forces are moving forward,” Sirsy also wrote in his message on Tuesday, adding that Ukraine was reaching Russian positions “on land and from the air.”

Russia has controlled almost all of the city of Bakhmut for weeks, but Ukraine has reported repeated advances on the flanks.

A drone launched by Russia kills 2 civilians in Sumy

In the north, in the Sumy region bordering Russia, two people have died and another has been injured as a result of the launch, by Russian forces, of an Iranian-made Shahed kamikaze drone that caused a fire in a house particular.

“Yunakivska District: As a result of the impact of a Shahed drone, a fire broke out and a private house was destroyed, resulting in the death of 2 civilians and one wounded,” the Military Administration of the northern province announced in a statement.

According to this source, between dawn and the morning of today Russia attacked the region four times.

The Military Authority recorded thirteen explosions in two different districts during those four attacks.

The head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak, has published on his Telegram account a photograph of the house in which the two people died, completely destroyed by the Shahed.

“They have simply directed a ‘shahed’ against a residential construction. Russia, a terrorist state,” Yermak wrote.

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