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UD Las Palmas repeats formula Jonathan Viera to repatriate crack

The sports management plans to make another interesting move for its spinal cord with an old acquaintance

The UD Las Palmas You already have your roadmap to execute the respective signings, and there is one to which the same formula that they used with Jonathan Vera. Recall that the player was sold to beijing guoan of the Chinese league in 11 kilos, but a year and a half later he returned to the yellow campus as given. Then he went back to the Asian team and returned to Gran Canaria again.

This same formula is Luis Helguera wants to repeat but the returnee will be Sergio Ruiz who plays in the MLS, exactly in the Charlotte F.C.. In the summer market of 2020, the midfielder was sold to the North American team by Racing de Santander for 750,000 euros. However, he did not manage to travel to the American continent since he was assigned to Las Palmas. For the last winter market, the transfer ended and this time he did end up in the American team. For this summer window, the midfielder could return to the yellow team.

Viera Palms
Sergio Ruiz played one season with Las Palmas, and could repeat in this new course that is coming.

Sergio Ruiz does not feel comfortable in the MLS and Las Palmas sees fit to repeat the Viera formula

The midfielder has already accumulated 536 minutes in 14 games playing for Charlotte FC, but in none of them has he felt fully. Interim coach Christian Lattanzio has seen how the midfielder has not been able to exploit his abilities and qualities optimally. Perhaps the Minted club will value the player’s departure as a transfer.

According to several sources from the American club, the Spaniard’s contract is signed until December 31 of this year, but if there is no renewal, it would no longer be a loan what the Pío Pío team asks for. Most likely, Charlotte will not renew the midfielder and the player will return to LaLiga Smartbank as a transfer.

What Sergio Ruiz wants most is to return to Las Palmas, as Viera said one day

When the attacking midfielder was at the Chinese club, his performance dropped and his desire to return to Spain became evident. In fact, the player stated on more than one occasion that ending up in an exotic league was perhaps one of the worst mistakes in his sports career. Fortunately, Las Palmas ended up saving his sporting life and he is now back in Gran Canaria.

The same could happen with Sergio Ruiz who a few days ago gave an interview for Radio Marca Gran Canaria referring to his return. “I say it from the heart, I hope he can return to UD Las Palmas. If there was any possibility, it would be one of the first doors for me. There is a lot of market left and you never know what can happen”. In this way, everything is in the hands of Luis Helguera and Miguel Ángel Ramírez.

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