UD Almería goes to the market after announcing Rodrigo Ely

The team needs to continue growing in its expectation of promotion and therefore has made progress in achieving an additional element

Not long ago, UD Almería announced Rodrigo Eli as the new direct defender to the ranks of Ruby, a player with whom they hope to solve defensive shortcomings, and with whom they certainly hope to harbor a new tactical idea. However, it does not seem to be the last and that is the point they are heading.

At the same time that it was announced, the bad news arrived, and that is that the injury of Ivan Martos opens a new window in the transfer scenario. A long-term injury that gives them the opportunity to focus, guide and execute a new capture with the arguments they have in their favor at this moment.

Rodrigo Eli
Rodrigo Ely has left Alavés and now in Almería he seeks to succeed

With Rodrigo Ely it was thought to cover the needs but in Almería these have been renewed

To be a little more specific, the recurring theme has to do directly with Martos’ injury. This injury is very serious, rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee, which gives between 6 and 10 months off in a normal state. So the League allows an additional signing if they require it.

It is a justified measure where you look at it, and it is that they cannot afford to be with one less card according to what the calendar allows to come. Almería is still very close in the fight for promotion and with so much competition it is evident that they need to go to the top in everything that remains of the competition.

There are no candidates yet but an idea of ​​what is intended

In Almería things usually have an order and that is where they want to focus everything. The defensive line must meet certain characteristics given its scheme and offensive attitude. They must be strong, fast and long-distance defenders. Always playing this way exposes you to a counter or transition that must be controlled.

For now there are no players mentioned, not even a list on which the sports management is based to carry out. It is more an idea that must correspond with the options provided by the medium. To this we must add its value and the contractual possibilities with which it appears.

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