Abu Dhabi: Great facilities have been provided in the United Arab Emirates to reduce traffic congestion and make citizens aware of smart traffic rules.

Authorities in Abu Dhabi have set out rules for renting a car on an hourly basis, a smart service launched to help consumers identify the nearest cheapest rental car through an application and then drive and pay according to usage. Enables

According to officials, vehicles can be rented for a maximum of six hours per day on an hourly basis. No one can rent vehicles on an hourly basis without obtaining permission from the Department of Economic Development and ICT.

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Only licensed vehicles that can be rented in certain areas are allocated for this purpose, here are some prerequisites.

Have a registered driving license.

Be registered on the relevant operating entity’s certified smart application.

Comply with relevant Abu Dhabi traffic laws and regulations.

All of these vehicles must be driven by a registered user.

The Integrated Transport Centers ICC Executive Regulations cover the responsibilities of operating organizations and consumers in this regard, and violations will result in fines and penalties.

It is also an opportunity for tourists and traders to travel to the UAE with transport, the new scheme diversifies the transport options and provides alternative means of transport at reasonable rates.



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