Tyson ‘Hurricane’ Carter, surprise MVP

So unexpected was the MVP for Tyson Carter that not even the player himself expected to receive the award. In the first place because they had to win the Cup, something complicated having Barça and Real Madrid in their part of the draw, but later because there were other teammates who had shone in the quarterfinals and in the semifinal. Brizuela gave a recital to eliminate Barça, Kravish destroyed an entire Real Madrid. The final, however, was by Tyson Carter. But he didn’t even expect it: when the winner was announced, he was on the shoulders of a colleague cutting the net, oblivious to the award ceremony. Until she realized it was for him.

I did not imagine this moment, but I felt that I could do something special in Malaga. It has been a lot of hard work, many hours. we did something special”, assured the MVP who clearly had a tournament from less to more, started with a very modest first game against the Catalans. He played 15 minutes and hit a triple. Four of valuation being the ninth player in terms of minutes added. Against Real Madrid, however, he began to unfold his potential. The minutes increased slightly (he played 17) but the performance was already much better: 12 points for a PIR of 13 with three key three-pointers. His moment, the great moment, however, did not come until the final.

And it did not even arrive at the beginning of the game, again modest. In the first 20 minutes he only tried a triple that did not go in. After the break, however, it was absolutely decisive. 17 points to martyr a Lenovo Tenerife that was not able to follow after the indirect blocks. Three key triples to cut off any hint of a comeback or escape from the rival. A performance, after all, that was worth a Cup.

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