2021 is being a year of comings and goings in heavyweights. After a long time of waiting, the total unification of the category was to take place in summer. Tyson Fury was supposed to face Deontay Wilder in a trilogy, but having received no news from the American, the WBC champion decided to step up. After weeks of negotiation struck a deal with Anthony Joshua to fight in August. We didn’t see that fight. A judge threw her out after Wilder’s claim. He wanted the option of getting the belt he had for five years back. He was not worth any other compensation and this Saturday he has the option of revenge.

Wilder arrives at the lawsuit renewed. His corner stopped the fight in the rematch against Fury and That made the ‘Bronze Bomber’ so bad that he decided to change his team. Malik Scott (he was his rival in their 31st fight and he knocked him out in the first round) is his new coach and they both believe they have the kryptonite that can end the ‘Gipsy King’.

The two fighters have not boxed since their second duel (February 2020) and that raises questions around Fury. Wilder always arrives prepared … English creates uncertainty. You never know which path it will have taken. Watching the second fight, eThe ‘Gipsy King’ is much better technically and on paper the script of the duel should be the same. The problem? Fury’s preparation has been anyone’s guess and it is not known if it will reach 100% as in that sequel. Also, the crash was delayed from July to October because Tyson contracted covid. Wilder is able to capitalize on any failure and with one hand put anyone to sleep (the Englishman endured two falls in the first confrontation). That is their main strength and the factor that makes the duel attractive. Two weeks ago, Usyk was not the favorite and ended up with Joshua. No one doubts that the ‘Bronze Bomber’ can do the same. Technique or hit, new king or old king. The game of thrones continues at heavyweight with the Council’s green and gold belt in contention.


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